Over the years, Striae Plus® Stretch Mark Cream has been written about in various prominent women’s magazines, from Ladies Home Journal to Glamour and Vogue. The following represents clips of various articles in these popular magazines.


Quote from Allure Magazine:

“Dermatologists have long been trying to find a convenient remedy for stretch marks. Now Lawrence Moy, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at UCLA, has developed a cream with botanical extracts that reduces those unsightly ridges to thinning, discolored skin…Moy found that 70 percent of those who used the cream, known as Striae®, twice a day for four weeks saw significant improvement…Moy theorizes that the extracts reduce stretch marks by building up proteins in the skin.”


glamour1Quote from Glamour Magazine:

In an article entitled “Do Stretch Mark Treatments Work? A Glamour study”, listed are details of testing done on various treatments for stretch marks, including Retin-A, Glycolic Acid, and Regenetrol (Striae® Stretch Mark Cream), and report “each of the products tested yielded results—and more quickly and consistently than expected.” In the comments from the Glamour testers about Regenetrol, the tester said that, “It was the most pleasant product to use. It felt like a good moisturizer and it worked without irritating. I’d buy it.”


LHJ1Quote from Ladies Home Journal:

“Banishing stretch marks the natural way: A hybrid sunflower oil, jojaba oil, horsetail extracts and other ingredients go into Regenetrol, a cream to stimulate production of proteins that boost skin strength. Formulated by Lawrence Moy, M.D., clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA School of Medicine (with a lot of nudging from his stretch mark plagued wife), Regenetrol was shown to be effective on more than 70 percent of patients, with a third showing dramatic improvement even on old stretch marks, which are especially difficult to fade. (We hear that supermodel Cindy Crawford used Regenetrol during her pregnancy and never developed stretch marks.) …”


vogue1Quote from Vogue:

Bare Essentials: excerpt after reporting on the measure of a good dermatologist is the quality of his (or her) own skin-care line, specifically moisturizers…
”Lawrence S. Moy, M.D. comes to the rescue with his ‘wonder cream’ called Striae® Stretch Mark Cream with Regenetrol Complex. According to Moy, this cream is so powerful, it can even prevent stretch marks. Talk about coming a long way, baby.”



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